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Injury, Rehabilitation and Disability Swimming



Swimming is a great low impact and gentle way to exercise and strengthen your muscles. 
If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, or are suffering from a disability and want to build muscle strength and enjoy a cardiovascular work out, swimming in our pool allows you a warm, quiet and safe space to keep you active.

We have trained life guards at every session, and have flotation devices such as kick boards and foam noodles for you to use to offer a safe swimming environment. We are currently also in the process of acquiring a mobile hoist to enable those with mobility issues better access to get in and out of the pool. 
Swimming allows you to build both upper body strength and lower body strength and is a good all-over workout. You can go as slow as you need as our open sessions are open to all abilities. 
If you're interested in attending a swim session as an individual you can simply turn up to any of our adult open sessions. Please see the timetable HERE. If you are a wheelchair user, please feel free to let us know in advance of our session so we can ensure the door is promptly unlocked and clear access is prepared. 
If you are interesting in hiring the pool to use in a group or private capacity please contact us on to inquire.
"I really enjoyed getting back in the pool. It was easy physio for me as I have mobility issues. Thanks so much to the community pool." Elizabeth Allen